Sizing Charts

We want you to feel good about yourself, which includes feeling you look good. This is impossible if your shirt does not fit. (It is extraordinary how many men have grown used to wearing shirts that don’t fit, usually because baggy is “comfortable.”)
From Michael shirts are designed to flatter you. This means everything is tailored to bring out the best in you, from the higher collar to frame your face to the shaped body to help sculpt yours.

When it comes to finding your size, there are few better ways than taking your current favourite shirt and either looking up its measurements online (most sites will have a sizing guide) or measuring it yourself.

Guidance on measuring a shirt:
Sleeve length is from the middle of the back of your neck, over the top of your shoulder down to the end of where you’d like your cuff.
Chest size is the widest part (in relaxed, not Tarzan, pose).