Our aim is to make you a shirt makes you feel good about yourself. We can make sure it fits and flatters you physically. We can also do that physically by adding a photo or design inside the cuffs, whether it’s your family, your hobby or a work of art.

The shirt can be worn as normal. It is the wearer’s choice whether to reveal them. For the more flamboyant or at a party, the double cuffs can be reversed to display the image full time.

Double cuffs are roughly the size of an A4 piece of paper on its side. The single cuff is half the height. We have to allow for shrinkage so to see how your photograph(s) will look, upload them on the template below.

  • Photographs from (modern) smart phones are fine
  • To order simply email us the photograph and we will crop it to fit.
  • We can put a different image or design in each cuff

Please note that cuff personalisation requires an additional four weeks to the month required to make a shirt, so we encourage you to plan ahead.

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