Made to Order (an additional £50 and please allow 6 weeks)

The shirts are “made to order” as they are only made when you order them.
The advantage of made to order is that we can tailor the shirt to fit you.
So if you like the From Michael style, but want to slightly adjust the fit, please contact us either directly or through the forms on the individual product pages below.

We also offer a few less usual shirts on a made to order basis only. This is where we have found a material we loved, but there was too little available to even make a limited edition of 10, or we love them but accept that they may be quite idiosyncratic!

We can do more than personalise the fit. We can subtly personalise the inside of your cuffs with a photo of your loved ones or passions. Please see Personalised Cuffs.

PLEASE NOTE: Made to Order is not the same as Bespoke, where your every lump and dent are measured, you choose the material, the colour, the style and the cut. Bespoke can be a mixed blessing: like finding milk in a superstore, you can have too much choice; and your weight may fluctuate from summer to Christmas. Our made-to-order is the From Michael cut, but with the ability to  shorten the sleeves, adjust the collar or body.

Blue Diamonds.

Only Made to Order

Print poplins allow you to create any design imaginable on a fresh lightweight cotton. But few people can grasp the balance between pattern and colour that gives interest, style and elegance. So many prints don’t quite work! We think this one definitely does. Not one for ties, but great for smart casual, young and old, day and night.

Single cuff or double cuff
Italian poplin cotton
Product code: B1834MTO

The Yellow Poplin.

Only Made to Order

Tailors often make a few brighter shirts to add colour to the blues and whites with little expectation of anyone wearing them. Yet a fine single colour cotton can look smart and considerably more interesting provided one resists the urge to wear the whole rainbow with it. This is a very tasteful, understated, yellow. It’s the shirt of someone waiting politely at the back who is the first to catch the barman’s eye.

It is shown here with a crop of Czech artist Karel Stedry’s stunning Neomondrion on the inner cuff (our thanks to Frameless Gallery).

Single cuff or double cuff
Italian Finest Zephir poplin cotton
Product code: B1944MTO