Why buy shirts From Michael? Reason One: The Quality.

We believe the perfect shirt needs to be beautifully designed, expertly made of the finest materials and a great fit. Whether you like our style is up to you, but the quality of the workmanship is a matter of fact.

quality from michael 01

Close-up of the White Twill showing the Sartorial edged finishing on the collar, with contrast blue stitching on the buttonhole. Seven months with the most experienced cutter on Jermyn Street created a collar that does not flop without a tie. Our cottons are the finest Italian (Albini, Tessaturi Monti) and one outstanding Egyptian.

The shirts

BUTTONS impact the overall look of the shirt. All ours are hand-cut, Australian mother of pearl: elegant, tactile and hard-wearing. The Jacquard’s are shimmering slate grey to make the shirt a subtly darker hue. Buttons are fine lily stitched and wrapped by hand so they won’t come off in moments of laziness. Or passion!

STITCHING. Nine stitches per cm. compared to the average five.Single needle, hand controlled machines with high quality yarns for flawless seams and edges. And on the subject of seams, our gussets (which connect the front and back of the shirts) are remarkably strong, which serves us well in dinner party conversations with Alpha males.

CUFFS: A generous, not mean cuff. To date we offer a single, double button cuff or a double cuff (a “French Cuff”) and one cutback cuff (think James Bond). We can personalise them with your photographs (of loved ones, hobbies or whatever floats your boat).These are hand cut and stitched with exceptional skill and patience.

Personalised cuffs